The Daily Oklahoman Article & Video

Feature article and video: The Resilience Project is featured in The Daily Oklahoman: Nonprofit Brings Skills of Resilience to At-Risk Children


Public School Partners

In our second year at Cleveland Elementary, we serve sixth graders with a project designed to give them the resilient skills they’ll need going into Middle School next Fall. This is a year-long collaboration using writing, sharing and art. Check in for news and photos as we go forward.

We thank Positive Tomorrows and Boulevard Academy staff for their energy and enthusiasm during the 2013-14 school year. We look forward to hearing how they are developing their own Resilience lessons. Congrats to these Graduates of The Resilience Project!


Private School Partners

Casady School offers The Resilience Project lessons to all fourth graders as they graduate from Lower Division. Lessons support this important transition in the life of a young person by bolstering coping skills, listening, and sharing. The project supports the school goal of creating a culture of kindness. Fifth graders also participate in The Resilience Project in the first weeks in Middle Division.

Westminster Lower School assigns a staff person at every grade level to bring Resilience Project methods to each classroom. Every child has their own sketch book for reflection. Each day children have meaningful conversations, such as “how to be a friend at recess.” In the afterschool program, children delight in singing the breathing song.

Listen for the sound of “mindful chimes” ringing in classrooms in both of these private school partners in Oklahoma City.